TIMETABLE licensing days 19th to 22th january

Wednesday, january 19th

01.00 pm     hard ground jumping stallions

03.00 pm    First free jumping with In-Out, jumping stallions

Thursday,  january 20th

08.30 am    Second freejumping and Licensing Jumping stallions - Commentator on clipmyhorse.tv: Maximilian Weishaupt

                    Premium awarding jumping stallions

06.00 pm    Freejumping dressage stallions

Friday,  january 21th

10.00 am    hard ground dressage stallions

01.00 pm    Lunging dressage stallions

Saturday,  january 22th

09.00 am    Free Presentation of dressage stallions - Commentator on clipmyhorse.tv: Oliver Oelrich

                     Licensing and premium awarding dressage stallions

Livestream all days: 19th to 22th january clipmyhorse.tv

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